• Stretching
  • Why chiropractic works
  • Wellness strategies
  • Sleeping for health​ 
  •  Nagging neck pain
  • Fighting migraines
  • Dealing with fatigue
  • Benefits of massage


  1. Nagging neck pain
  2. Dealing with fatigue
  3. The miracle of the spine
  4. Sleeping for health

Please don't take chances with your health. A wellness plan that's easy to understand and follow through on is key to good health all through your life. Make chiropractic a cornerstone of that plan, and you're well on your way to living a life that's active and free from pain.




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Spinal pain can be quite severe and debilitating.  If you are suffering an acute "Back Attack" or a stiff neck, the following recommendations may help in reducing your pain before your appointment with the doctor.  An easy to remember mnemonic is RICE:

Mary Good has been with us from the beginning.  She will help you with your appointment times, health insurance and any other questions you may have about the Good Chiropractic Center.

​I'm in pain, help!




R ​is for REST.  To help relieve spinal pain, it is best to take it easy, get off your feet and find a comfortable position which relieves the pain.  We recommend not to sit with lower back pain as this position increases pressure on the discs.  

I is for ICE.  Applying cold packs to the involved area will reduce swelling and also numb the area of the pain.  We recommend 10 to 15 minute applications with 15 minute break in between.  If the cold increases the pain, discontinue.

C​ is for COMPRESSION.  A gentle pressure over the area of the pain is sometimes helpful to reduce the severity.  The use of a low back brace or support belt, a cervical collar or an Ace bandage wrap may be used.  

E is for ELEVATION.  Raising the body part in pain is helpful to reduce swelling.  Since it is hard to elevate a back or neck pain, resting with the painful side up may helpful.

If any of the above recommendations worsen your pain, discontinue immediately.  If your pain does not relieve, please consult with your family physician or report to an urgent care center or emergency room.